Features FAQ

Features FAQ

What is meant by transparent clearing?

The Primeiro Payment Platform simplifies capturing and clearing by providing a unified integration, which hides potential complications of different methods of clearing for different upstream connectors (e.g. batch files or different formats).

Where can I find more information on 3D secure?

We have a 3D secure guide, here.

Can I use my own 3D Secure MPI?

Yes. When submitting requests server-to-server, you can send the 3D secure authentication data in the threeDSecure object (example below). When using Primeiro Pay you can choose to enable our MPI built into the payment form.

threeDSecure.eci //ECI Indicator
threeDSecure.verificationId //CAVV or AAV
threeDSecure.xid //3D Secure Transaction ID

What methods of payment are supported?

We support the following methods of payment:

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